The Team

Aliasgar Bharmal

Ali is a man of few words. He believes that a picture has the power to transcend barriers of language, culture, geography and even time. Due to his interest in shapes, design, colours, ratios and sequences, you will often find him in appreciation of and fascinated by the most common daily objects and scenes. This profound visual connection with the way he sees people and the world around him is seen in his images which tell a story no words can describe but can only be felt and experienced.

With years of experience behind him, he is always looking for a new angle and offers a perspective which defies the norms of conformity, presenting a new and bold visual style which is not only original but timeless. He is notorious for framing his subjects and shooting them drop dead gorgeous ;)


Sukhmani Singh

Having worked in the content industry for over 7 years, Sukhmani made the decision to go behind the camera herself and live her dream. With a natural flair for capturing the most candid frames, she is happiest while creating memories with her camera. She believes an image well captured, can bring to life the moment itself and that is the power of photography.

She looks at situations and people with a completely different perspective and that reflects in her work, which is unconventional and away from all stereotypes.

Because weddings are the happiest times she believes the more you capture the less it seems and also strongly feels that the groom must have as many profile pictures as the bride ;)